Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing the world we live in. AI-assisted computer vision is able to quickly detect forest fires and illegal fishing vessels from satellite imagery. Efficient speech-to-text allows better inclusion people that hearing impaired to facilitate live conversations. AI is able to detect tax fraud and illegal activity by efficiently analysing huge amounts of datasets.

What AI other impactful applications are currently in place or being trialed and what does the future of AI hold?

Join us for a breakfast event on practical AI applications for good. Our panel of researchers and experts will share their insights around AI solutions that advance the human condition.

Sheda and Braneshop are excited to bring you an insightful morning on how AI is creating ever more impact on our lives, our businesses and our society.

The line up so far...

Noon van der Silk is the founder of Braneshop and lead trainer. Noon has 18+ years experience in various forms of software engineering, application development, and the design and implementation of machine learning + AI systems. Within AI he has a special interest in the field of computer vision and interactive art.

Sarah Barker is the Director of Data Intelligence at Our Community, a world-leading B Corporation that provides advice, connections, training and easy-to-use tech tools for people and organisations working to build stronger communities. Sarah leads Our Community’s Innovation Lab, trialing and refining methods for managing and learning from data in the social sector. The aim is to amplify the impact of grant-makers and not-for-profits by building their capacity to use data effectively and responsibly. Sarah has experience across a wide range of projects and teams, from the very large (multi-million-dollar, multi-county projects at Accenture, Telstra and ANZ) to the very small (local, community run).


This event is presented by Sheda, Australia’s premier innovation agency and development practice. Our mission is to create with purpose, we lead the way in creating solutions to complex problems that have a positive social impact in the way we live, work and collaborate. We envision, design, develop, deliver and grow great digital and IoT products, using human-centred design, artificial intelligence and technology for Enterprise companies and Startups.

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