We believe the future is going to be distributed. Our vision is to help forward-thinking organisations develop and integrate solutions that will create the next wave of distributed, decentralized innovative products, services and new economies powered by smart devices and intelligent software using Artificial Intelligence.

The Internet of Things, or short IoT, provides the platform to connect you and your business with everything around you. We work with our partners to create connected smart environments that will enable you to provide your product or service in unique ways, giving you the leading edge in your industry.

Smart Manufacturing

By leveraging industrial grade sensors, smart devices and intelligent software we help manufacturers redefine quality management, compliance, traceability and Manufacturing Intelligence which in turns improves your yield, reduces your waste and your operational costs.

Smart Logistics

IoT devices and software can be used to significantly improve your operational intelligence, safety and security, customer experience in supply chain management. We integrate IoT solutions that help you with

  • End to end visibility of supply chain and delivery processes
  • Optimized warehouse workloads
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Asset loss prevention and predictive asset utilisation
  • Inventory tracking and analytics using smart labels
  • Creating new business models and revenue streams

Smart Agriculture

In Australia and globally we are seeing the introduction of IoT is revolutionising the agriculture industry. Connected sensors in the field increase farmers yield and boosts revenues by enabling new competitive business models. IoT and data analysis will help agriculture companies improve energy, water consumption and make asset management seamless. In addition, smart sensors will allow you to track the location and well-being of your stock as well as monitor the quality of your soil and of your crops.

How we help deliver IoT Solutions

We take a design-led approach to solution integration and developing smart IoT solutions. We have a diverse team of designers - who help clarify and validate the opportunities in the space you are working in -, strategists - who help align your business goals and vision to the product/service you want to deliver-, software and hardware engineers who bring your vision to life.

We have partnered with some of the leading organisations in the APAC IoT ecosystem leveraging their technologies to help our clients bring about this next wave distributed economy.

IoT Ecosystem partners

Case Study - Connected Vertical Farming

The Sheda team worked to deliver vertical farming systems to automate the growing process of hydroponic plants from seedling through to harvest. We were engaged to prototype, research recommended technologies and approaches to how a vertical farming system product can be deployed, managed and scaled across multiple regions and physical locations using digital technologies.

IoT Connected FarmHydrophonic

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