"A company that gets software written faster and better will, all other things being equal, put its competitors out of business" 

Paul Graham - Founder of YCombinator

What it is

React Native is an open source framework built by Facebook to make Native development really fast without compromising on performance and native look and feel. It takes the best part of the Web and the best part of the native development and combines them to make a seamless native mobile development process.

Why we use it

React Native allows us to leverage the advantages of web development — fast iterations and having one team build the whole product — to mobile - it allows you to iterate faster than your competitors. Using the React library as the base means we can bring in more resources quickly to accelerate your product development. This means we can cut down the time to develop for new mobile platforms by half!! and use up to 85% of the original code.

In addition to speed, React Native allows you to target multiple mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows while using JavaScript for the core business logic.

Here at Sheda we leverage React Native to give all our clients - Startups and large organisations alike -

the speed advantage, agility to change direction and ability to target multiple mobile platforms, providing more value for your investment.

We started building in React Native 3 months after it’s launch and have contributed to the code base and also developed custom modules for React.

Other companies using React

Thinking of using React Native for your next project? You are in good company with BloombergFacebook and SoundCloud all are using React Native for their mobile development.

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