Digital technology has changed the way we find, access and engage with every industry and service. We now expect our experiences to be personalised, in near real-time and seamless. The future of healthcare will have to adapt to meet these new expectations and challenges that digital technology brings. 

People are more informed and expect to engage with healthcare practitioners differently, with a change from a top-down approach to delivering a co-Designed health system for people, by people and with people. 

Sheda is helping create this future by collaborating with health practitioners to provide health care for people when they need it - on demand, enabling people to manage their health in everyday life (connected devices and IoT) and connecting people into networks that help support one another. We do this by collaborating and creating new relationships, networks and knowledge powered by digital technologies.

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James Vivian Dermal Therapies
SILC (Supporting Independent Living Co-operative)
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