Innovation should be used to solve major social problems that bring benefits to everyone in society.  Sheda helps to do this by working and investing in social ventures with inclusive and scalable innovations that are run by outstanding entrepreneurs, socially conscious businesses, community organisations and non-for profits.

We create practical and innovative solutions using a co-Design approach. Our co-Design and collaborative approach to problem-solving ensure that people are central to any solution we devise and solutions are built with active participation from the people and community who are affected by the problem we are trying to solve. We believe in creating a just, fair and equitable future for all, that's why we enjoy working with socially conscious organisations that use their business to create positive social impact as well deliver a sustainable financial return.

Social Innovation is important to us because we believe businesses exist as part of communities. We do well because of you, because of our community, it’s not a solo effort. That’s why whatever success we have as a company, we want to share by giving some of that success back to the community. So next financial year we are pledging to give back 10% of our profits to community-focused organisations.

Sheda, we are a company who’s dedicated to creating solutions that bring about change.

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