Designing digital solutions for health and wellbeing can be particularly difficult because of its complex nature and the role it plays in people's lives, communities and society at large. This becomes even more complex when you are working with vulnerable or marginalised communities. These complexities mean that we often fail to deliver products and services that meet the needs of their target audience, is sustainable and delivers impact.

Co-design takes into account the perspectives of the different groups interacting with the health care product or service to collaboratively design the most suitable digital solutions.

Join us for a breakfast event on the use of co-design in healthcare. Our panel of researchers and experts will share how they use co-design to create experiences together with participants to provide digital solutions that deal with the meaty topics of ageing, sex and reproductive health while placing and keeping the humans in need at the centre of the process.

Light refreshments will be provided.


Beccah Bartlett is a Registered Nurse-Midwife who is Passionate about reducing health disparities in underserved communities and promoting respectful maternity care. She is a PhD candidate at Monash University investigating the use of Co-design to develop mobile Health interventions with refugee communities to improves sexual and reproductive health access.

In addition, Beccah is the founder of Shifra, a web app designed to improve sexual and reproductive health access for refugee and migrant populations. Beccah utilises design thinking tools and applies an intersectional feminist approach to all her research and community partnerships.

Jolyon Burford is currently working as a trainer in Cultural Competency and Health Literacy and developing engaging eLearning in both of these topics at the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH). Before working at CEH, Jolyon worked in alternative education programs including:

· a media production course for young people at risk of homelessness, and

· experiential learning programs that let young people explore what it takes to succeed in life and work.

The CEH helps government and service providers work better with people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Our work includes training, consultancy, capacity building projects and advocacy.

Geoff Ayre is an engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for creating technology to improve lives. He has designed hardware and software solutions for clients including Intel, AWS, and Telstra, and has a particular interest in IoT, AI, and cybersecurity. In 2017 Geoff co-founded Umps Health, a startup which supports older Australians to live safely and independently at home using non-intrusive smart home technology. By detecting when a person uses home appliances like the kettle, TV, microwave, and fridge, the Umps Health Smart Home can learn their normal daily routine and quickly raise an alert to a carer or family member if something goes wrong. Umps Health's technology is currently being used by seniors around Australia, and the company is working with healthcare and disability services providers to bring the technology to thousands more.

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