Our Capabilities

Innovative solutions

We craft and develop digital products. We like to create tools that enable people to improve their lives as well as build products for social, environmental and business benefits. We employ a design-thinking approach to solving problems. This method ensures we not only deliver a good solution, but the right solution for your organisation. We provide our partners with a full range of digital, development and creative services.

Our Skills


Brand Strategy
Revenue Strategy
Innovation Tactics 


Holistic Design
Functional Prototyping
Experience Design
UI Design
Visual Design


Product Design
Web App Development
Mobile App Development
eCommerce Development
eCommerce Infrastructure
API Integration
3D Visualisation

traction & Growth

Traction Strategy
Growth Hacking
Analytics & ROI Optimisation
System Architecture & Data Model


Product Support
Quality Assurance
Hosting & Maintenance
Analytics & Reporting
Continuous Delivery
Container Innovation


CTO to startups with smart, principled founders and traction.

How We Work

We’re continually improving our services. We use these three key stages throughout every successful product development project. Here's how the process works:


We use this phase to meet and work together to define what your project outcomes look like. We'll do it through collaborative workshops, user experience design, prototyping, research and analysis.
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How We Research, Learn and Strategise

SEED uses the Lean Startup principle:

This consists primarily of a validated feedback loop that brings your product to life in the form of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We test our assumptions continuously, giving space for the product to evolve at the nexus of user, business and technical needs. This approach ensures we deliver the right product for your customers with a repeatable and scalable business model behind it.

agile Approach

Build > Measure > Learn
Agile method diagram

Tailored workshops

These are the crucial education pieces that help us rapidly move forward with one-to-one clients.
MVP #1
Define your Idea, Business Model, Personas, User Journeys, and Focused Vision. OUTCOME = Sprint-ready for an MVP.
MVP #2
Validation + Preotyping - mockups & wireframes, Basic Numbers, Process Automation, Hustle. OUTCOME = MVP Development.
Traction: Growth Strategy
Revenue Modelling, Cost Per Acquisition, Lifetime Value. OUTCOME = Pitch Deck. We'll shop it around.
Traction: Prototyping
User Story. MoSCoW to refine features to be built. Prototyping. User Research. Iteration. Concurrently: Landing Page Dev.
Branding & Communications
Philosophical Documentation about how you’ll create your values. Tone and Voice. Style guide. Logos. Colour Palettes.
Tech for your Project
Our CTO Mike goes hands-on to help you understand and choose your project's tech stack.

Our approach to design

As part of the Discovery phase, we work with you to deliver a distinguished brand identity that's visually appealing and memorable for your business' target audience.
Understand the brand


  • Who are you?
  • What makes you different?
  • How do you do what you do?
  • What are your values?
  • Why should anyone care?
Understand your audience


  • Identify your target audience.
  • Understand your customers.
  • Understand the competition.
Design you brand


  • Logo concepts.
  • Colour palette design.
  • Font choices.
  • Design brand elements:
    digital, social media, print materials.
Refine and deliver


  • Review designs and brand assets.
  • Deliver assets in EPS, PNG, JPG formats.


We take all the information gathered to this point, building working versions of the product on a regular, incremental basis, with the highest priority features developed first – this is known as a sprint.
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Our approach to product development

SEED employs an agile approach to software delivery called Scrum. This means we involve you through the entire process of delivering your product. This reduces the risk of miscommunication and ensures that we are on the same page while we deliver your project.
A Scrum involves:
Breakdown tasks


Breaking all project functionality into small tasks and creating a list of features called the product backlog.

Breakdown tasks


Creating a priority list of features to be built for the current sprint (this priority list is created with you, by assessing your vision and business goals).

Breakdown tasks


We use fixed length iterations called Sprints (usually 2 weeks) to deliver an agreed number of features (full tested and working) after each sprint.

Web development

Our development team will build out the visual designs for your web presence into static pages using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. After testing static layouts, we integrate the new designs with your preferred CMS and optimise for maximum performance.
Understand the brand

crafted code

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • React (Native)
Understand your audience


  • Available across multiple devices
  • Optimised for Tablet and Mobile
  • Build once for multiple platforms
Design you brand


  • Create themes for CMS
  • Integrate design into System
  • Initial content entry
  • Deploy to staging servers
Refine and deliver


  • Fix any bugs
  • Optimise codebase


We transition the project to your stakeholders and users. The goal of delivery is to deploy the product into the world and validate the assumptions made during design.
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How we provide continuous delivery

As part of our development cycle, SEED employs a Continuous Delivery (CD) methodology to consistently produce the highest quality software for our clients.
This approach allows us to quickly develop and add new features to your product base, while maintaining a high quality software standard. This gives you speed and agility to scale – being best placed to adapt and innovate in your market. The goal of our CD methodology is simple: to provide you with transparency, and give you control of the ongoing cycle of release for any new features to the product base. 

SEED uses ThoughtWorks GO (Continuous Integration service), Docker (server orchestration and DevOps) and Amazon Web services (AWS) – or any other cloud provider - to combine the effective management of building, testing, and deploying of your application.

The Continuous Delivery Process

This process enables us to make changes to your product, get approval and deploy to your live site with no downtime in a matter of minutes!

Peace of mind


To ensure your handover process is seamless, we provide supporting documentation on build environments and architecture via the internal GitHub Wiki for your project.


We cover all work we do for up to 3 months after the project has been finalised, including bugs, issues and functionality, as outlined within the scope of the final requirements document.

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