Here’s a fun fact: did you know that there are more than billion internet users in the world? 

Watch the numbers climb right here

Millions of people are joining the web each year, and billions of current users are trending towards greater use.

So, it’s an absolute must for companies to engage with digital platforms to be relevant in today’s market.

Blockbuster and Kodak are perfect examples of companies that refused to adapt to environmental shifts, refusing to migrate towards a digital business model. What happened to them? Exactly, bankruptcy.

On the other hand, big and previously non-tech oriented corporations like Tesco have used new mediums to continue their growth strategy. 

Check out what they did in South Korea (2m30s) to increase their sales. Spoiler alert: they developed an incredibly practical app, making shopping a far more engaging experience for their customers.

Consider that seven of the 10 largest companies in the world have roots in tech (Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Samsung, Facebook, etc). Simply, more value is being captured by tech companies (on average) than any other industry.

Still, you may ask, Is this really relevant to me? 

Whether you’re at the stage of thinking about ideas, already running with the operations and sales aspects of building a business, or at a stage of hiring a tech employee / partner. 

Well, what happens when you come from a non-tech background and you actually don’t speak 'tech'? 

How do you communicate what you want (and need) in the language of a technologist? How will your idea reach its potential if you don’t know how to effectively scope and lead a technology partner or worker(s)?

If you can see the benefit in learning more about the programming world, without necessarily writing your own code, you’re in luck. 

Mike Ebinum, co-founder and CTO at SEED is teaching a course for non-tech co-founders.

Core purpose

The class will give you the confidence to help build a tech-driven startup or business, even if you don’t understand coding at all right now.

Key takeaways

  • A high level understanding of Product Management a.k.a. Director of Product Development.
  • Understanding and optimising a developer's workflow, and how the cogs speak to each other.
  • What fundamental building blocks dev stacks and APIs are, and what specific technologies are used when building software.

Don’t miss out on 10am to 2pm 16th April. 

Join us at: Mike’s Crash Course for Non-Tech Cofounders.

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