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Alice McCALL is an Australian label, designing and retailing women’s fashion, with growing international recognition, a strong local following, and the influence to be worn by celebrities like Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea and Kendall Jenner.


Alice McCALL was looking for a technical partner who could help them increase eBoutique revenue to serve more of the customers engaging with the growing brand. The team knew it would take the addition of useful features, faster browsing and shopping speed, and some know-how around maximising brand assets on the website.

Finding we had the required technical and creative skills, Alice engaged us.

What we've done

eCommerce Consulting

From day one SEED engaged with the Alice team to learn about the brand, crafting an experience that strengthened and supported Alice’s in-store brand. Strategy, design and technology aspects were a focus.


Whenever Alice McCALL saw benefits, we found a solution, and we implemented new technologies ensuring their customers had a more intuitive experience.

1. Braintree Payments

Braintree gives Alice customers more flexibility around payment method and robust security. Their marketing team is also getting a dashboard to help make better decisions around content output and future product development.

2. Exact Target

It has become clear that engagement with brands is a journey, so we wanted to implement a tool that would support Alice in writing that story with their customers. We implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s “Exact Target” to empower the Alice team to drive these relationships.

3. Slack

We integrated Slack, the fastest growing enterprise communication software company ever, to make error logs instantly visible. Whenever there is an issue on the site, we get notified and can quickly solve problems, making improvements to ensure the same ones don’t arise again.


In 2015, Alice decided that SEED should take over maintenance and improvement of their servers and databases. We did lots of testing to find the balance between cost and stability.

Since then we were on-call to ensure all website issues are solved quickly, and that speed improvements and tweaks are implemented to keep their sales firing.

The result

Since SEED took over infrastructure management in November, 2015:


Sales Increase

eCommerce Sales have increased by 27.11% on average per month across all platforms.


More engagement

On Desktop, a context in which users are on a larger screen in greater comfort, the average website user spends another 12 seconds on the website. That's 12 more seconds of experiencing and engaging with the Alice McCALL brand.


REmoving mobile blockers with UX efficiency

Mobile is a context where many users are on-the-go and looking to get their tasks and purchases done as rapidly as possible. The screen size doesn’t favour brand immersion, so we’re happy to see that average time on the website has been cut by 32.20% on average.

2.3%  3.3%

More engagement

Bounce Rate (per cent of users hitting and almost immediately leaving the website) fell 2.33% on desktop and 3.37% on tablet/mobile. The website now has more relevance to its users.


verity brown
Former E-Boutique Manager
"Since moving our website support and development to SEED, the speed of issue resolution and enhancements to our e-Commerce platform has allowed increase in sales, customer satisfaction and retention. The SEED team are professional, a pleasure to deal with and have outstanding knowledge to improve our digital performance."

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