15 years ago at the Messe

15 years ago I went to Hannover Messe in Germany, world's biggest industrial fair. Back then I was studying Micro Systems Engineering in Bremen and we went on a uni excursion. So much happened since then, I moved to Australia, completed a PhD, designed infrared sensors for a startup and I’m now creating Internet of Things solutions for Sheda.

Next month, I will be going to Hannover Messe again. This time on a mission organised by Austrade. Along with 8 other Australian companies, we will embark to Hannover Messe to establish relationships and opportunities with overseas firms and uncover  the newest trends around Industry 4.0 and manufacturing.

A lot has changed in technology over the past 15 years. Connectivity is now ubiquitous. We have standardised APIs to change data between all kinds of services. Real time-connectivity of all kinds of machinery, often termed Industry 4.0, is everywhere.   

What is Industry 4.0 and why is it important?

Industry 4.0, or sometimes called the fourth industrial revolution, is basically the next step in automation. Machines and sensors are delivering real-time data of the fabrication process via the Internet of Things. Data analytics and artificial intelligence are providing constant optimisation of the different manufacturing steps and as well as the process as a whole. This allows a more efficient use of time and resources. In addition, these smart factories will create more and more scenarios where humans and machines will work together to accomplish tasks. Moreover, Industry 4.0 provides greater control and flexibility of the production steps enabling the viable fabrication of customised goods.        

What’s on at Hannover Messe?

Hannover Messe is the world's biggest industry fair. There are over 6500 companies from 75 countries exhibiting the latest and greatest in Industry 4.0 and all other core industry areas. This year's focus will be on “Integrated Industry - Industrial Intelligence”. A lot of topics will be centred around the integration of humans and machines in the age of artificial intelligence. As machines are getting smarter we will see more autonomous production processes.

I’m looking forward to exploring the newest trends in:

  • Industry 4.0 automation
  • Artificial Intelligence for manufacturing processes
  • Cobots and Human-Machine interaction
  • IoT for predictive maintenance
  • Augmented Reality and Digital Twins
  • 5G powered industrial applications

I will be reporting back on these topics over the next month. Is any other topic that you are particularly interested in at Hannover Messe? Please get in touch and I will see if I can track down some more information on it.

Are you going to Hannover Messe too? Come by and say Hi. We are based at the Australian Landing Pad stand, Hall 13 YTE, Stand F26

Interested in learning more about Industry 4.0, IoT and innovation? Reach out to iot@sheda.ltd or contact me on LinkedIn.


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