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We were approached to build a multimedia content platform that lets users upload their experiences with a variety of mental conditions. This allowed sufferers, friends, family and other users of the platform to discuss their journeys.

The platform we built gives students, teachers and social workers a multimedia eLearning environment.

What we've done


Branding Strategy

We established the iluku team’s values, tone and mood, and the visual design direction for the logo and branding material. The workshop also helped to pin down the brand name itself, with 'iluku' being the Zulu word for curiosity.

product strategy

Mapping the target market’s wants and needs, we developed a roadmap to implement a solution for experiential learning for everyone via a multimedia iOS app.

Persona development

We created several personas that generated an understanding of iluku’s brand and how it would be perceived through different lenses.


Business employer


Business employer


User research

We remove assumptions and getting to know the users.




Phone calls

phone calls

Experience design

We used the branding and product strategy, along with persona development versus user research, to finely balance the experience for the user.

Design & development


After clarifying the brand and messaging we made recommendations on the logo. We did this by investigating competitors, target market and design examples. This transferred to the overall look and feel visual design assets.

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Visual design

Based on user feedback and the branding and communications guidelines, we were able to clarify the iluku Style Guide. We also implemented print collateral as part of growth strategy and a brand communications guide.

iPhone iBackpacker

home screen: selECT MULTIMEDIA

The point of origin for all users. In considering direct user research and overall web activity for various conditions, we established categories that were most important to develop.

Home screen feed


Opening a piece of audio-visual content, you can use the app to overlay one of the conditions implemented, which aids in building empathy through shared experience.

Profile screen


Intensity can be tweaked up and down to adjust for how extreme the symptoms should be.

job category

iluku info website

We built out a full website essentially as a product landing page for the full-featured mobile application.

Web app


react native
mac develop
react native

We used the most cutting edge technology to build out iluku, using a React Native framework. This platform allowed us to leverage the native power of Swift and Objective-C to build out our system heavy components like the Audio Player, yet still create the majority of our data layer and UI in Javascript, allowing for a much simpler transition from iOS to Android in the future. To back this up we used the power of Parse, a lightning fast cloud hosted database that keeps our users connected to the iluku experiences.

Web app

The result

Branding Strategy and Design with iluku were a resounding success. Our MVP development arc gave scope for iluku to have multiple faces to market – both as a platform for building empathy among sufferers of mental illness and a multimedia eLearning tool.


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